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Thalia started out on July 13 at 7lb 4oz. As of July 28, two weeks later, she was up over 8lb 10oz. Her doctor was thrilled with her progress, which looks as follows:

Thalia's weight through July 28, 2009

Thalia's weight through July 28, 2009

She had dipped down to 7lb 4oz upon leaving the hospital; the usual weight loss before the real feeding frenzies begin. The at-home-visit nurse who came by on the first Saturday clocked her in at 7lb 10oz, and I just figured her scale was out of whack. In retrospect, that number is likely a little high because Thalia still had her (full) diaper on at that point, still the scale probably did not lie.

Too early to estimate how she’ll compare to Siena at 18 months or 30 years though.

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