The Ruark Kids

Cord stump is gone


Friday night, Thalia’s cord stump scab thing fell out. (I think it was Friday, Mama will need to verify for the record.) That means it took around 18 days. I can’t remember how long it took for Siena, but these days seem to have gone by faster, or there were fewer of them. Probably all the help we got from the grandmothers meant fewer times I was changing diapers and shirts, and so my primary metric of “how many times did I have to manage around the stump” was thrown off. Also likely compressing the time scale is Siena’s own presence; taken together the two of them make the days fly by.

No more of those little shirts that expose the belly button and snap in odd places. At least, until she’s a teenager I suppose. Mama remarked, that’s the first step to becoming a real kid instead of just some strange larva. I thought of it as the first of many little events, phases, or challenges we plan on never doing again (in order to satisfy a “no more than 2 of any set of alike creatures” rule we want in our house). I’m currently looking forward to the phase when she holds her own bottles.

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