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“Couldn’t put it down”

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Sadly that’s not a reviewer’s quote of some new Dan Brown or Tom Clancy novel but instead the essence of the response I got from Mama when I asked her how her day with Thalia was. Apparently she had to carry Thalia the entire day. This made any of the normal daily activities Mama had hoped to work on like cleaning up clutter, working on dinner, or napping, nigh impossible. And it resulted in sore Mama, too.

Thalia very much wants to be carried. Standing. Walking around. It’s like she can sense how far she is from the earth’s center; she can feel the additional gravitational pull when you sit down, she doesn’t like it, and she lets you know it. I have a very hard time trying to put her down in her bassinet for nap or bedtime; when she’s with me she just doesn’t want to be anywhere but in my arms or over my shoulder as I walk around. It’s kind of frustrating.

We can’t recall if Siena was like this (see prior entries on baby brain). Probably. Grrr.

(Mama kindly took Thalia 20 minutes ago, so I was able to sit down and bang today’s posts out before turning in for some sleep myself.)

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