The Ruark Kids

Lots of Fuss


Mama remarked tonight that Siena might have been the easy baby. Thalia isn’t terrible by objective measures, but she does seem fussier and generally more intense about everything than Siena was at this point, or at least as we remember Siena being at this point. Thalia will get so upset about whatever she gets upset about that her face will get all scrunched up and red, and then the spot right between her eyebrows will get all wrinkly and start to turn white from her exertions. Poor girl!

Siena meanwhile is herself becoming more and more whiny. Tonight she had the worst tantrum I have yet seen her throw. She really wanted to go swimming (which in theory is great), but it was too late and too cool to go swimming tonight. So she instead elected to have a total melt down. We put her in her time-out spot (we’ve chosen to go the comfortable/safe time-out zone approach rather than the Spartan punishment approach), where she proceeded to shriek for a while. This has probably been building up since Thalia was born; Siena has been getting more and more whiny about little things like her baby doll not being wrapped in a blanket properly or having her strawberries cut up for her instead of given to her whole (as an aside, she wants “big strawberries” but she means whole ones).

In the plus column for tonight, I was able to put Thalia down long enough to write this, which is a minor miracle (poor Mama has had to carry Thalia almost all day for a few days now). And, we finally succeeded in getting a passable picture of the two of these babies together:

Siena and Thalia

Shortly after this shot, Siena let go of Thalia. All done! Siena’s request to hold Thalia while she was standing up was swiftly denied.

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