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Summer Weekend: Tummy Time

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We’ve been working Thalia hard with the tummy time. While I had her on Saturday, I set her up on the floor and grabbed the camera to capture some of her efforts. Here she is getting ready for her exercises.

On Her Tummy

Look at that intensity and focus!

Intent Tummy Time

Thalia feels the burn as she gets her head really high off the ground:

Working the Tummy Time

And finally, tuckered. Baby doll is shown for size and posture comparison.


Nonna provides some welcome relief. Perceptive observers will note the outfit change. I think this shot is actually from Sunday.

Thalia and Nonna

Thalia has been doing great tummy time, even kicking her legs out and sometimes pushing herself foward when her legs encounter sufficient friction. I’m hypothesizing that she will crawl early and offset Siena’s late crawling, thereby making them, as a combined unit, completely average.

P.S. I probably said it before, but I love my new camera and the 50mm lens. The soft focus in the first picture is entirely due to the lens; no digital manipulation. It’s able to have a really narrow focal depth, which I think makes for some neat shots like that one where her face is in focus but her legs are not.

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