The Ruark Kids

Cracking Toast


This weekend Siena and I were having an early breakfast to ourselves before everyone in the house was awake (it was probably 6:45). I gave her some of my toasted bagel with blueberry jam on it. I slice the bagel into thirds in order to justify having 50% more jam per bagel than cutting into halves would yield. This can result in overly crunchy toasted bagel, however.

Siena doesn’t normally like toasted bread products because she has an aversion to brown. She’ll pick charred bits of frozen waffle off and hand them to me. She doesn’t even want her waffles toasted; she only accepts them “warmed up,” and has sometimes tried to eat one frozen.

In any event, she did get a bit of a crunchy piece (the brown can be hidden under a nice deep pigment layer like, say, blueberry jam), and after eating it, she did her best Wallace imitation: she held up her arms around head-height, twinkled her fingers, and said, “Cracking toast!”

Woo hoo!

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