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Nothing funny, enlightening, or witty here. September has been a very tiring month, which explains the low post count, but I should try to capture some bullet points so we don’t forget.

A few things I had forgotten about when Siena was an infant that Thalia has brought back into focus, at least for a brief time:

  • The joy of baby smiles.
  • The grunting that accompanies #2.
  • Dreams are either “Lots of milk” or “Lack of milk” and they’re pretty easy to distinguish.
  • The focus with which they stare in your eyes when you are feeding them a bottle.
  • The annoyance of looking for the pacifier on the floor. If you don’t see it fall from mouth to floor, it can be a hopeless exercise to find it. Why is the widest part of the binky round (and therefore conducive to lots of rolling); hexagonal would work a little better and not require has much material as square. Wait, let me contact the US PTO.
  • Long spells spent sitting on the floor next to the bassinet trying to help baby get to sleep.
  • “Look at all that hair!”
  • Black poop, green poop, yellow poop, stinky poop.

A couple of notable differences:

  • I don’t remember Siena sleeping this much during my paternity leave.
  • Siena definitely never screamed this much in the evenings. She was also never as loud. Thalia’s screams must easily be over 100db. When she is really roaring it drowns out all other sounds; it’s almost like there is no longer sound, instead only four senses and an absence of noise entirely.
  • It’s been much easier and faster to fall in love with the 2nd kid. Mama hypothesizes that it’s because we know that the 2nd eventually turns into something wonderful, whereas we had no experience or proof that the 1st would.
  • Thalia seems to have found her fist and fingers to suck on faster and more comprehensively than Siena did. Thalia will reject the pacifier in favor of her knuckles, which I don’t recall Siena ever doing.

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