The Ruark Kids

Thalia 2-Month Stats


Thalia had her two-month appointment two weeks ago. Her vitals were as follows:

  • Length: 25 in (63.5 cm). This puts her a solid 2cm above the 97th percentile for 2-month olds according to the CDC (see
  • Weight: 13lb 11oz. This is just over the 97th percentile.
  • Head: 39 cm. Somewhere between 50th and 65th percentile.

Siena was big, too. I guess we just make big babies with lots of hair.

Because they didn’t have any of the vaccine combo cocktails, poor girl had to have five separate shots. Two in each leg and one in the arm. Not a happy camper. And she still needs to get flu and H1N1 vaccines this fall, plus more at the four-month appointment.

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