The Ruark Kids

Cleaning Up


While on my brief paternity leave, I have been doing a little cleaning up of boxes from the basement, stuff my parents brought to my house once we got settled a few years back. This includes a bunch of Fisher Price toys that I had when I was a kid, some single-purpose electronic games that have one one-billionth the power of a Nintendo DS but look like they might sell on EBay for above their original price, some trophies, t-shirts, and many other knick knacks.

I also came across a little stats card from one of my years in little league back in 1985. It says:

Yankees [ed. booo, I can't believe I played for a team called Yankees]
2nd Place [hopefully behind the Red Sox!]

At Bat       43
Hits         18
Singles       9
Doubles       4
Triples       4
Home Runs     1
Walks        10
Strike Outs   9
Outs         13
Stolen Bases 12 [apparently I was quick]

AVERAGE     419

Not bad, eh? Of course, within a few years I was warming the pine and my coach had switched me from hitting right-handed to left-handed because I actually had better mechanics that way, even though I’m right handed. Yep, baseball was just not in my blood.

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