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Half a muffin

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Before today, when Siena would have blueberry muffins for breakfast, I would always cut the muffin in half and put only one half on her plate before bringing it over to the table. These are the big you-only-need-one-for-breakfast kind of muffins, the kind you buy at Dunkin Donuts or wherever and not the kind you make at home in your little pan that holds 12 tinsy-tiny muffins.

So, I would bring the half muffin over to Siena and say, “Here’s your muffin.” She would eat it, and then ask, “Please may I have another muffin, please.”

In this manner, she’d get a whole muffin and think she was having two.

Well, that all ended today.

Today, after eating the “first muffin,” she asked, “Please may I have the other half of my muffin, please.”

The powers of observation of strong in this one.

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