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Christmas Eve

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My conversation with Siena this evening putting her to bed:

Daddy: Siena, you need to sleep well tonight because we have a lot of presents to open tomorrow. Are you looking forward to opening presents?

Siena: I’m looking forward to opening a doll.

D: I can’t guarantee that you’ll get a doll, so you need to be prepared to not get a doll. But you will get lots of stuff from people who love you very much.

S: If I don’t get a doll, I’ll like whatever I get.

Siena also was a “rock star” (to quote Mama) at the Christmas Eve party. She was a little shy at first, but she warmed up to the crowd, never had a meltdown, was very gracious in opening gifts and saying thank you, and was very polite to everyone. She certainly held up better than I did!

(Thalia had a rough day overall; a few hours of screaming in the morning, and then again during the car ride home. She’s still working through an ear infection and a cold, along with a recurring fever.)

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