The Ruark Kids

Broken Resolution Already?


Yes, it’s only the third day of the new year, and I’ve already broken one of my resolutions, which was to try to write something, no matter how small or trite (as many of the few posts that exist have been the past few months) every day. I’m blaming it on the cold that snuck up on me yesterday and that I had the kids to myself for the day, but if I were to actually achieve a resolution for once, I can’t let a little sniffle and lack of time get in the way.

Obviously the only way I could make this work is to build up a pipeline of stories in progress, so I’ll have to work at building a few in advance. Yet, so many prior times I said I would do something here and then failed to, is this just another doomed attempt to do more of what I’d like to be able to have time to do that crashes headfirst into the brick wall of reality?

Now, off to write something about the kids as a separate post so I can get myself “back on track” as it were.


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