The Ruark Kids

How Will I Ever…?


The title of this post could easily refer to my grandiose yet likely ultimately doomed 2010 resolution, but actually it is the starting phrase of many questions Siena asks these days, and it’s very amusing. When she wants me to open a bottle or can for her, it’s, “How will you ever get that open?” Or perhaps the question is, “How will I ever get my shoes on?” We don’t know where she picked it up. One of her Christmas books has that phrase in it, but she was saying it before we unpacked the holiday books for this season.

Sometimes it sounds totally hopeless, and she sounds so sad. “How will I ever get my sweater on?” “How will you ever carry me?” Fortunately, we are usually able to show here that in all of ever, we are able to find a way. Good thing she hasn’t asked us, “How will you ever prove the Riemann hypothesis?”

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