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Such a polite girl

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One of Siena’s new teachers in her preschool 2 room, which she just recently advanced into, told me today that Siena is doing great, has adapted well, and is a great kid to have in the room. She said that Siena is such a polite girl, always saying please and thank you. I told her teacher that this is something we’ve worked very hard at, so while she (Siena) won’t always do what we ask her to do, she’s at least very polite about it:

Me (trying to get the kids out the door): Siena, will you go use the potty please?

Siena: Oh, no thank you.

Me: Siena, that wasn’t really a question so much as me trying to be polite in telling you to go use the bathroom.

Siena: I said, no thank you!

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