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Potty Issue

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Often (well, almost always) when we are getting dinner ready, Siena will sit at one of our laptop computers and watch videos from She used to get so focused on the videos that she would sometimes pee her pants because she wasn’t paying attention and wouldn’t realize she should run to the bathroom. So eventually I made the rule that if she pees in her pants, then the videos are over for the day. If she goes to the bathroom without peeing in her pants, then she can return to the videos until dinner time. It seemed reasonable.

This was all well and good for a while until, of course, Siena realized that if she peed in her pants and simply didn’t tell us, then she could watch videos until dinner and only at dinner time tell us she peed and then go change. This happened on Monday night. I was, to say the least, not the best daddy at that point.

Once again, thinking outside the box in unfortunate ways, and too clever for our (and her) own good.

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