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My admin console tells me there are now 200 posts on this blog. I’m not sure if that includes the numerous drafts I started but never published, but in any event, that seems like both a lot over three years and hardly enough to capture even a sliver of the so many wonderful (and sometimes not) things Siena and now Thalia are doing. We’ve been looking back on posts from when Siena was as old as Thalia is now, and I’m struck by how little I was writing down and how significant are the gaps in important activities in Siena’s life. I realize now I could have written more about when we started certain activities with Siena, which would then provide a benchmark for when we should be considering similar things for Thalia. A prime example is Siena’s use and eventual disuse of the pacifier (one of the things we did record).

I have a disposition towards poor memory, so I worry I’ll forget even more things as the girls get older, so this blog is probably more for me than anyone else. Now, if only I had more time to write and more interesting ideas to record. Pictures and videos turn out to be pretty easy because they require little thought compared to a miniature essay, which is probably why I haven’t really written a decent one of those in a while. That is another part of the multi-layered curse of being child #2, sorry kiddo. In the mean time, we’ll keep plugging away with the solids (first night tonight for pears for the munchkin, and she did all right) and everything else.

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