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Siena 3.33333333 stats


In the past few weeks we have measured Siena’s height, and this past weekend I got her up on a scale.

  • Height: 42″
  • Weight: 40 lb

Notably, in addition to equating to eight bags of sugar, her weight now qualifies her for a booster seat (woo hoo!).

I checked the CDC growth charts at, and at 40.5 months and 106.68 cm, Siena is taller than:

  • 97% of girls her age (3 years 4 months)
  • 90% of girls age 4
  • 50% of girls age 4 years 9 months
  • 5% of girls age 6

She’s taller than almost half of the girls who just turned five! I did a little shopping at Baby Gap today (gift cards burning a hole in my wallet), and her height and weight are exactly the boundary for Baby Gap 4-year and 5-year clothing. I bought her 5-year clothing today since I don’t want her to outgrow it too soon.

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