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More Winter

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Just as the snow was melting enough this week so that we could see exactly where our septic tank is in the front yard, another storm rolled in today. It was blustery enough to cause mostly horizontal snow, as seen here:

While my coworkers have kids who are getting to be interested in learning how to snowboard or ski, or have kids that they hope will do those activities or even play hockey, our particular distaste of winter is rubbing off on Siena. Multiple times she has uttered her desire for winter to be over and summer to arrive. When the temperatures rose this week (leading to aforementioned melting), Siena asked if winter was almost over; she nearly declared it spring already. Hardly.

Poor Mama got caught in squalls on the way home from picking up Thalia, and was stuck on the highway going 20 mph. But everyone is home safe, and Siena claims to be and in fact appears to be feeling better. She even danced a little before bath time.

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