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Some four years ago, we learned of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the open letter written regarding the FSM to the Kansas School Board. We aren’t particularly keen on bumper-stickers, but we did buy an FSM bumper sticker and put it on the car that I drive everyday to work. The sticker looks like this:

Clearly, you’d pretty much need to know about the FSM and his noodly appendages already to understand the bumper sticker at all.

At one point a few years ago on the way out to the summer home for the weekend, I perceived someone honking and waving at us in that car as they passed us. I didn’t notice anything wrong, and I didn’t recognize them, so the only (sketchy) reason I concluded was that they were signaling their appreciation of our appreciation of FSM and pirates.

I have otherwise never observed anyone else ask about, show awareness of, or even exhibit any interest in the bumper sticker.

Until today.

I found a note tucked under my windshield wipers, and at first I was concerned that someone had hit my car and left a note with their contact and insurance info. Instead, I got this:

The text reads:

I see you also have been touched by His Noodley Appendages… Praise FSM! – A fellow Buckaneer argh matey!


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