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Not much to report today except I grabbed the Flip when I saw Thalia sitting in some nice sunlight and about to start the amusing grunting that signals a poop on the way. (On that note, let’s just say that unlike George Lucas I don’t need an editor to tell me that certain shots belong on the cutting room floor, and let nothing more be said about that.)

Whenever there’s a video camera out in our house, Siena is to be found wanting to make her own movies. If she decides to go into acting, she’ll be a real challenge for her directors. Fortunately for us, today this resulted in several short and amusing takes of her dancing, getting ready to sing, or singing the alphabet song.

This first one is Siena’s own peculiar style of interpretative dance.

I included this next one of Siena and Thalia sitting down for a “picture” because it seemed very sisterly to me. Siena’s little laugh strikes me as coming from a kid older than she is.

And now the alphabet takes. In the first, I was getting snuffled by the dog. The shaking black object in the upper right is her tail, and the heavy breathing is from her nose right in my face next to the camera. And for some reason, Siena decides it’s a good idea to pull her shirt up over her face.

The following video represents a microcosm of some of our days in our household. We’ve got Siena being goofy with her shirt again, Thalia grunting, Tenzing chasing Penny in frame, Mama tidying up, and Nalia lounging.

Finally, I thought Siena’s reaction to her knocking her train over was amusing enough to include this one. Then she switches songs and ends up singing something from music class instead of TMBG. And as usual, she ends with wanting to see the take.

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