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Children’s Museum


We went to the Boston Children’s Museum today. Siena originally thought we were going to the aquarium, where we went last year, but she was pleasantly surprised to go to this “kid’s place.”

We started with lunch at the attached Au Bon Pain. Siena had mac and cheese [side note: she wanted mac and cheese last night and threw a fit when we told her we’d be having something else, so she finally got her wish today], and we had sandwiches. Thalia has a cold and basically just hung out in the stroller or our arms.

Siena had fun playing with the water and sand in the Peep’s World exhibit:

She also enjoyed watching Mama make the classic cup & saucer yarn form:

But her favorite part of all was the New Balance Climb (she calls it, “the thing with the bumps”).

She navigated down almost the entire structure all on her own.

Here she is working out how to get down to a lower level:

She had such a good time that she fell asleep in the car on the way home and then still wanted to climb into bed for a nap when we got home. She hasn’t done that in quite possibly a year.

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