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Odds and Winds

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The storm last night knocked out power for two hours. Not a real tragedy except it was from 9:30 to 11:30, so we missed the bulk of the women’s figure skating free skate. The wind was incredibly strong, knocking the house around quite a bit. I was surprised this morning to see certain trees still standing, but that perhaps is a testament to the strength of the ice storm we had in 2008 that knocked down many trees.

And now for the odds, namely Siena. Sometimes we just wonder what goes on in that little mind.

Siena has a subscription to Your Big Backyard magazine, and one issue has a picture game that shows a bunch of animals in a zoo, but all their ears have been swapped around, and the child has to point out which ears go where.

So this morning, Siena says while looking at the page, “Someday I want to go to a zoo and remove all the ears and put them on different animals, but it’s going to be very hard work.” (The italics represent where she emphasized each word in a staccato manner.)

I pointed out that not only would it be hard work, it would also be pathological and probably criminal.

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