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Siena’s astoundingly action-packed day

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Compared to a normal winter Saturday (play inside and maybe go to Target at some point), Siena’s day today was positively overflowing with activity.

Today, Siena:

  • Woke up at 5:30 and went in to bug Nonna, who is visiting for the weekend because Pops is on a golf junket.
  • Had french toast for breakfast while Mama and I slept in just a little (making up for Thalia having been up 11 PM to midnight last night).
  • Got her hair cut, including getting it with sparkles and braided, and then getting a red lollipop.
  • Went grocery shopping with Nonna and Mama.
  • Rode around the driveway on her trike.
  • Went for a walk with Mama, Nonna, Thalia, and Nalia.
  • Had a huge lunch including mac n cheese, blueberries, strawberries, strawberry yogurt, and other stuff I don’t remember.
  • Helped pick up sticks in the yard for the bonfire we had today to burn forest debris and dead branches.
  • Roasted some marshmallows with me in said bonfire (which was so hot that the ‘mallows would basically incinerate in a matter of seconds).
  • Had a snack with Thalia, Mama, and Nonna on our front steps while I tossed our Christmas tree on the fire, creating the biggest leaping flames of the day. (Nonna would like to point out that leaping hardly describes this; the flames were around 12 feet up into the air.)
  • Played catch with me and a soccer ball while we waited for the fire to die down. Siena was surprisingly good at both catching and throwing.
  • Sprayed the dying embers and ashes with the hose. She also sprayed a few trees, a bunch of leaves, her soccer ball, the grass, and some moving objects (namely, Nonna and me running out of the way while we tried to take some pictures).
  • Read some books while we all rested afterward.
  • Ate out at a Ruby Tuesday (sadly, the place we wanted to go to, Canyon Cafe, where we’ve been to celebrate a few important occasions in the past like Mama’s graduation from vet school was out of business).
  • Came home and had ice cream for dessert.
  • Took a bath, and
  • Went to bed.

Mama described Siena’s water spraying as being very Tom Sawyer-esque. I explained to her how fun it was to spray the water, and she bought right into it! Of course, it is a lot more fun than painting an old fence. It was a toss-up whether her skill with throwing and catching or her excellent water work made me more proud of her today. She was a real champ.

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