The Ruark Kids

Siena’s mutant chicken


Mama roasted a chicken for dinner on Sunday (very tasty, btw). As we have of late, we gave the drumsticks to Siena. If we had not force the squash upon her, her dinner would’ve consisted of chicken and milk.

After she devoured her second drumstick, Siena said, “I want another drumstick please.” Mama was upstairs tending to Thalia at this point, so if was left to me.

Daddy: Siena, how many legs do you have?

Siena: One, two.

Daddy: And how many hind legs does Tenzing have?

Siena (looking around for Tenzing): One, two!

Daddy: How many hind legs does Nalia have?

Siena: Two

Daddy: How many legs does a chicken have?

Siena: Two!

Daddy: Well, drumsticks are chicken legs, and you ate two of them already, which means there are no more drumsticks.

Siena: No they’re not.

Daddy: Yes they are.

Siena: No they’re not. (this could go on a while…)

Daddy: Actually, they are. And you ate both, so there are no more.

Siena (moving one of the drumsticks from her plate into her salad bowl): Now’s there one!

Daddy: You still ate two.

Siena (moving the other): Now there’s none!

Daddy: Siena, there are no more drumsticks. Chickens have two legs, and you got the two drumsticks.

At this point, Siena got upset and petulantly said, “I’m going to go tell Mama that you said there were no more drumsticks.” I responded as she tromped up the stairs, “You do that, Siena.”

I then hear this exchange from upstairs:

Siena: Mama! Daddy said there were no more drumsticks!

Mama: Well, chickens only have two legs.

I shout up after them, “That’s what I said!”

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