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Bath time for the girls


Tuesday evening is my evening alone with the kids, as Mama works until Siena’s bed time. Since Mama went back to work after Thalia was born, Tuesday evenings from pick-up time until bed-time have been a flurry of activity. I try to eat a really big lunch or snack in the afternoon before I leave work so that I can skip dinner if need be. I’m not just very good at multitasking, and what with needing to get dinner ready for Siena and feed her, get dinner and bottle ready for Thalia and feed her, get Siena bathed, books read, diapers changed, etc., I just haven’t found time to do much else. (Somehow, when Mama picks them up and I get home late for dinner, she’s been able to make dinner for all of us, and usually with a salad, too. I can barely get Siena’s dinner nuked or in the toaster oven.)

Bath time has been something of a race against the clock prior to this week. In order to bathe Siena, I’ve been putting Thalia into her Exersaucer just outside the bathroom so she can see me and have something to play with. Then I have to get Siena bathed, dried, dressed, and hair combed before Thalia implodes. (Fortunately, as Thalia gets older, the time to implosion has been getting later.) Sometimes I fail, and then Siena’s left to get herself dressed and into bed, but recently it’s been working pretty well.

This week I decided to upend things, and for the first time, I put the girls into the bath together.

I think it worked out rather well:


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