The Ruark Kids

Almost appropriate word confusion


On Sunday, Siena came up to me holding her doll she’s named Ishaniya and informed me she needed a tiny plumber.

Siena: I want a very tiny plumber.
Me: Why do you need a very tiny plumber?
Siena: To put in the very tiny hole and stick up Ishaniya
Me: You want a plumber.
Siena: Yeah
Me (confused): Why?
Siena: For her bum.
Me: You want a stick a plumber in Ishaniya’s bum?
Siena: Yeah
Me: Why?
Siena: To take her temperature.
Me: Ahhhhh…you want a thermometer, not a plumber.
Siena: I want a very tiny thermometer for Ishaniya’s bum.

So, apparently Ishaniya had a fever and not constipation…


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