The Ruark Kids

Big Helper


I feel like I’ve already written something like this before, but maybe that’s because it’s not the first time Siena has been so helpful and we’ve looked forward to years ahead with the girls’ help around the house (hey we can dream!)…

Siena was a huge helper with chores this weekend. Some of the things she did to help out included helping us:

  • Clear out dead brush from a garden bed
  • Dispose of leaves in our woods
  • Pick up acorns in our front yard
  • Scoop out leaves off our pool cover (Siena used a net on a pole about 3 times as long as she is tall, so that was amusing to watch; fortunately she never fell in the pool!)
  • Clean up dead plants from around the pool
  • Move wet clothes from the washing machine to the dryer (she stands between the washer and dryer, and I hand her wet clothes which she throws in the dryer)
  • Hanging wet clothes on a drying rack (she pulls them out of the hamper and hands them to me)

These are in addition, of course, to the usual things she does like clear her own plate from the table. She also helped Mama drink another Strawberry Breeze at Not Your Average Joe’s during dinner as well as helped us finish off a pretty significant dessert there, with whipped cream. But we can hardly call those chores!

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