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First Crawling!

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We’ve been trying for days if not weeks to get Thalia to start to crawl. It’s been tilting at windmills, especially given that Siena didn’t crawl until 11 months. But we’ve seen the hints of crawling before. In the few seconds Thalia tolerates being on her tummy, she sometimes had tucked a leg up, put the foot down, and if lucky found a good purchase with the floor that caused her to push herself forward rather than slip her foot back when she straightened out the leg. So she has the means.

What’s been lacking are the motive and the intent.

Fortunately, with Thalia’s increased interest in Arrowroot cookies (we’ve been unable to find Zwieback’s anywhere, and in fact Wikipedia seems to think that they been discontinued, oh no!), motive can now finally be acquired.

So I got Thalia nice and hungry by delaying her evening night-cap (4 oz. formula, soon to be cut with water, have you noticed how cherub contains chub?), set her on her tummy, and got down on the floor in front of her with one of the little Arrowroot cookies.

Voila! She took a look at that, screwed her face all up, and, over the course of a few minutes, managed to heave and push and drag herself over to me to acquire the prize.

It might not have been official crawling on the hands and knees, but it’s close enough to declare victory.

And, in other news, Siena finally found a new Mersenne prime, Mama got to operate on a wolverine, and I get to wish you a happy April 1st.

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