The Ruark Kids

More balloon fun


Siena is such a considerate girl sometimes. After being told that Tenzing would get sick if, as he is likely to do, he ate the string tied to a balloon we get from every trip to Trader Joe’s, she started cutting off the strings with her kid scissors once the balloons no longer floated to the ceiling and were only reachable to her by the string itself. Her enthusiasm then led her to cut the string off shortly after getting home, even if that meant the balloon would hover out of reach for a while.

We went to Trader Joe’s on Sunday, and as usual I stocked up on frozen goods, including the delectable Mandarin Orange Chicken dish. Thalia stayed awake the whole time (a good thing this time), so when we got home Siena ran off to the living room with her balloon while I went downstairs with the bag of frozen goods in my right hand and Thalia sitting in my left arm.

As we were coming back up the stairs, I heard a loud scream commence from the living room. I ran upstairs with Thalia and asked Siena, “What’s wrong?”

“I poked my eye with the scissors!”

I thought, That is not what you want to hear from your kid. It’s kind of a worst-case scenario statement.

After much screaming, crying, and investigation, we determined that she had poked her left eyelid with the blunt end of the scissors. I never could get her to explain exactly how the scissors ended up near her face in the first place. Thank goodness for kid scissors, though! I explained to Siena that this is why she has her own scissors that don’t have pointy ends on them.

I tried to get her to cover her good eye with her palm and tell me how many fingers I was holding up, to make sure her bad eye could see fine. Also to distract her with something humorous. Amusingly, she kept covering her injured eye, and I’d tell her to cover her other eye, and she’d say, “But it’s this eye that hurts” and cover it again. She didn’t quite understand the test.

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