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We went to the aquarium yesterday. Last year when we went it was a pure “what-the-heck let’s go” decision, Siena was two, Thalia was only baking, and it was our first trip into Boston for a day trip. I remember that as we were driving on the Mass Pike in, Siena pointed out the window and said, “What are those?” “What are what?” “What are those things coming out of the ground?” “Oh, those are street lights.” Siena loved the penguins and talked about them throughout the year.

This year we thought about going the night before, but still decided at the last moment to go ahead and do it. But now with another kid in tow. The lines were longer because it’s the start of spring break week in Massachusetts, but Siena managed the wait really well (the free lemonade and graham cookie in the shape of a Goldfish cracker helped!) and then had a great time watching the penguins and seals again. She wasn’t as interested in the jellies, and of course she’s too young to want to stop and read or learn about any of the creatures.

And unfortunately, now that Siena’s three we have to pay for her. All in the day trip was over $100 for a couple of hours, what with parking, lunch, and the stuffed animal harbor seal we bought for Siena. But she saw northern fur seals lounging in their tank (scratching their chins with their flippers), and she saw the penguins take a shower and shake their feathers out, which she has been imitating since.

Thalia was a champ, drinking her bottle all by herself in her stroller, and then being carried around for the remaining time. She was so overstimulated by all the people and fish that she went to bed at 7:30 PM again. Hooray!

Afterward, Siena wanted to keep walking around so we walked down to Quincy Market and looked at the various outdoor activities. It was a little chilly, so we walked briskly back to the car and headed home.

I suppose we’ll need to look into memberships if this keeps up!

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