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Feeding Herself

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Thalia is at the point where she can now grasp small bits of food and stuff them in her mouth. This is good because she also is at the point where she has the very bad habit of jamming her thumb in her mouth when you try to feed her baby (mush) food, causing her to squeeze most of the mush out of her mouth and down her hand and arm. So frankly we are more than happy to just let her feed herself.

So far she’s been eating Cheerios, Kix, peas, grapes cut into twelve pieces, green beans chopped into 6+ pieces, and diced peaches. Carbs? Big thumbs up. Veggies? That’s going to require some work.

The other huge benefit (aside from very dirty sleeves), is that we can give her a pile of O’s and walk away and deal with something else. Something else usually means Siena. Or getting our own dinner ready. This has made Tuesday evenings (when Mama works until after the kids are in bed) a tad bit easier to manage; I can actually get some food of my own now, too.

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