The Ruark Kids

Mother’s Day


So, belated Happy Mother’s Day to Mama on the blog here. It wasn’t as happy as could be. Everything appears to be, if not OK, normal and manageable now, but last night Mama had to go to the emergency room, which freaked Siena out. Siena was very anxious and required lots of snuggling and loving as Mama was getting ready to go and after she left. But Siena got to sleep OK, and Mama returned without much fuss or complication, so all will be well soon.

In less exciting news, we went to a park, opened presents and cards, painted, worked on the pool some more, weeded the garden a little, thought about going out to dinner until we heard the wait would be at least an hour, and played the new games we bought for Siena, Chutes and Ladders and Candyland. Siena picked up very quickly on how to play, and has started losing with a little more grace than she did before with some other games. She also has a habit when she wins of then picking up the opposing piece and moving it to the finish and saying, “We both won!” which is really sweet.

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