The Ruark Kids

Thalia at 10 months


Thalia had her 10-month check up on Tuesday.

Interestingly, she has stopped growing. Four months ago, Thalia was 27 inches (95%) and 17 lb 2 oz (75%). Tall and lean.

Now, she’s:

  • 28 inches (just over 50%!)
  • 19 lb 11 oz (right at 50%)
  • Head of 45cm (just under 75%)

So, in four months, she’s grown only one inch and 2.5 pounds. Our baby is totally median! What happened?

Compare this to Siena at 9 months, who tipped the scales at 30 inches, 20 pounds; that is, 2 inches taller taller, only a few ounces heavier, and a full month younger than Thalia. Here’s hoping Thalia hits a growth spurt soon.

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