The Ruark Kids

High Five


Siena and I do lots of high fives. For the usual things, sure, like when she successfully makes it to the bathroom without peeing in her pants (which, knock on wood, she hasn’t done in months). But we also do high fives to count by five, and high tens to count by ten. And Siena has already counted to 100 for me at one point, using counting by tens to remember what comes after 79, for instance.

Thalia sees enough of this, and finds it amusing to stick her arms up (How big is Thalia? So Big!), so I give her little taps too, and she finds that just hilarious. High fives with her seemed inevitable.

Tonight at the dinner table I was sitting between the girls. I asked Siena to give me a high five, which she did, and then I held out my hand to Thalia and asked her to, as well. At 10.5 months, she reached out, and–most importantly–spread out her fingers, and tapped my hand! Hooray! We got her to repeat it two more times to show it wasn’t quite a fluke. In fact, Siena and Thalia gave me a high five at the same time, which was just fantastic. Makes a daddy proud.

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