The Ruark Kids



I had a meeting at MIT yesterday afternoon, so I stopped by historic Emma’s Pizza on the way home. Emma’s used to be in our neck of the woods in Cambridge, and then we both moved; east a little for them, west a long ways for us. It was a tough if mostly one-sided break up. So any time I’m in East Cambridge, I have to determine whether the time is right for Emma’s. It usually is.

I got the pepperoni and caramelized onion with rosemary sauce and mozzarella, natch. Also I grabbed the #18: mozzarella, rosemary sauce, baby spinach, artichoke hearts, and sweet potatoes. Exciting and yummy!

Late getting home, I ran in and found Siena and Thalia almost done with their decidedly non-pizza dinners.

Siena looked up at me and said, “Daddy!”

Thalia looked up at me and said, I jest not, “Da da.”


Now if we can just make that a conscious habit, I’m all set.

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