The Ruark Kids



Thalia is making good progress on her mobility. This morning, Mama reported that Thalia crawled across our living room to get to the couch. That could very well be the first official crawling activity. This past weekend she was doing some great cruising on the sectional couch at the summer home. And also is very close to routinely getting herself into a sitting position from her tummy.

She also continues to eat like a horse.

Siena has said some amusing things lately, including the following to Mama as she was coming upstairs to get Siena up for the day: “Ok Mama, here’s the deal” (followed by an agenda for getting dressed and downstairs for breakfast). Yesterday also marked the first time Siena really inquired about Mama’s work, including asking how her day was, what she did, the name of one of the cats she worked on, what was wrong with it, and what she did to make it better. It’s great to see Siena realize that we do things while she’s at school, and to either show an interest or at least play the social part of showing interest.

Siena also gave me a few leaves this morning before I left and asked me to show them to my “work friends.”

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