The Ruark Kids



Thalia really got herself mobile for the first time last week. Now she cannot get enough of standing up, sitting down, crawling around. She can get herself from a fully prone or supine position to sitting up, and she can get where she wants to go. Happy baby!

Unfortunately, not so happy house. We probably will need to baby proof more than we did with Siena. Or just be willing to take more risks. Siena never pulled herself up on anything she could get her arms onto, whereas Thalia will just grab right onto the hairs on my legs and start hauling herself up. She is likely to try to pull up via a CD tower or something else that could fall on her. And she has a greater tendency to put stuff in her mouth, still, so we need to hide all the small stuff.

Tenzing, as you will see, can take care of himself.

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