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Holy Grail Meets Toilet Paper Ad Campaign, and Wins


I found this scene staged by Siena today (picture below).

The bunny is, as any self-respecting Monty Python fan knows, the Rabbit of Caerbannog (though I admit I did have to look up the official name, assuming Wikipedia can be trusted in this; also, I note it serves as another great example in the Holy Grail of Monty Python demonstrating some real Medieval literary chops), and he’s a real killer of a rabbit.

The dog is Andrex, the cute, cuddly, puppy mascot of Andrex toilet paper in the UK. Thanks to Mo and Granddad having lived in England for 7+ years, we have a variety of Andrex stuff animals that Siena likes to play with.

Here is the result of the two animals meeting each other:

Siena learned pretty quickly what those great fangs are used for.

Note, the rabbit is by Toy Vault (see at for instance), and the text on the box is part of the comedy of the item, so we’ve never taken it out.

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