The Ruark Kids

Happy Birthday, Thalia!


Thalia is one year old today. What a year! She’s gone from this:

to this in one year:

That, by the way, is one of Thalia’s birthday presents, and she loves it!

Thalia clocked in at 30 inches (75%) and 22.5 pounds (also 75%), so she’s a little better than the median range she was at before, but not close to Siena, who measured in at 30 inches (and a mere 20 pounds) when she was 9 months. That being said, Mama and I are happy that Thalia continues to grow longer and not just wider, or denser as we were starting to suspect. Mama hypothesized that Thalia would just turn into a white dwarf star and eventually become a baby black hole, sucking in all food and light.

Siena, in the past year, has gone from this:

To this:

So she’s growing really well too!

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