The Ruark Kids

Dunster Spirit


Found on the back of one of my ancient t-shirts (17+ years old) on which the front has a small moose and the label “Dunster House,” which happens to be where I met and fell for Mama (though not, technically, in that order):

Guide to Harvard Houses

Eliot: Dunster with an Attitude
Winthrop: Dunster without the Maturity
Kirkland: Winthrop without the Brains
Leverett: Cinderblocks in Dunster’s Skyline
Mather: The Box that Dunster Came In
Adams: Dunster with Angst
Lowell: Dunster with no Character
Cabot: Dunster with no Social Life
North: Second Best Dining Hall on Campus
Dudley: Dunster without the House
Quincy: The House with No Redeeming Value
Currier: Quincy in the Quad

Dunster: Cultural, Intellectual, and Extracurricular Center of Harvard University

And now, at long last, I can throw the shirt away.

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