The Ruark Kids

Thalia and Cake


Here are some videos from Thalia’s first experience with pure sugar vector, aka, cake:

Here’s her having her first bite of cake. Notice, she goes for what she knows first (strawberries), but really really likes the cake. We caught on camera basically her longest giggle ever.

Finally she really gets into it and makes a royal mess.

Thalia got some presents, too, though to be honest she was neither that interested in opening them (Siena was more than happy to help her out) or playing with them at the time. Here she is with a couple of books:

Here she is sitting on top of one of the presents:

Getting a look at her first cake:

Enjoying her cake:

Caught mid-giggle! I count three chins here:

Look at me! Cake!

Did I get cake in my hair?

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