The Ruark Kids

Bath-time learnings


Thalia is really progressing in the brain department these days. She very distinctly crawled over to me today, grabbed my legs to pull herself up, looked up and me, and said, “Dada.”

In the bath tonight, I took one of those little foam alphabet letters (the letter N), got it wet, and stuck it on her back. She didn’t really notice it, so I moved it to her ample belly. She giggled and pulled it off. To bite it, naturally. I took it from her and stuck it back on her chest. We repeated this process three or four times, and then she did something interesting. I was kneeling next to the bath, with my right form-arm resting on the edge of the tub and my right hand hanging over the bathwater. She took the letter N and stuck in on the back of my hand, where it stuck! She giggled. I took the letter off my hand and placed it back on her tummy. She grabbed the letter and again put it on the back of my hand.

After this definitive display of intellectual and motor-control prowess, she resumed attempting to chew the letter N. She was in bed sleeping twenty minutes later.

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