The Ruark Kids

Lots of chatter


Thalia’s vocabulary is starting to grow and become more distinct. This morning we were certain she was trying to say “blueberries,” though it just came out as “ba ba.” She knows mama and dada pretty well, comes close to saying “woof” (comes out as “bffff”), and has said, perhaps not entirely intentionally, “mommy,” “yeah,” “that (dat)”, and “what.” She loves walking up to Mama, grabbing onto her shorts/pants, and saying, “mama?” Too cute.

Today she had two accident reports at school. A deep bruise on her cheek from running and tripping into a table, and a small cut on the inside of her lip from running and tripping into maybe the same table. She’s a brute, though, and was entirely unperturbed, at least at the end of the day.

Not so at the start of her day, when I dropped her off. She screamed bloody murder, or as Siena now says, she screamed “her head off.” I dropped her off in the Toddler 1 room, which is about 20 feet away through a closed door from the Infant 1 room. As I walked by Infant 1 on the way out, with Thalia wailing in the background, I heard one teacher in Infant 1 say, “There’s our Thalia.” The other teacher said, “Wow, really?” It was that loud.

Siena took the day off with Mama, who was off today for working this Saturday, and together they went to the beach and had a grand time lounging and then shopping in Newburyport and generally hanging out together. Siena had her first official gelato (vanilla of course), and loved it. She also let some waves splash into her, which is good progress for the water at the beach.

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