The Ruark Kids

Creative problem solving


Thalia loves throwing her sippy cup of milk onto the floor. Give the girl a big tray and even the ability to reach the table, yet when she’s done with a sip of milk she’ll look at you with those mischievous eyes and hold that sippy cup out over the edge of the tray like she’s dangling someone over the edge of a balcony by their feet making demands for where the cash is located. Give it a second, and she’ll let go, sending the bottle plummeting down to a clattering reunion with the floor.

This happens all the time. Siena had this problem, too.

Amazingly, Siena found a pretty ingenious resolution this morning. Siena grabbed a bar stool that was stationed at our kitchen island and dragged it across the floor until it was set next to the tray, about where Thalia usually dangles the sippy cup. For the remainder of breakfast, Thalia set the cup down on the stool every time, and she didn’t drop it on the floor once.

Great to see the creativity from our big girl!


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