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Thalia, like Siena did around this age I think, is getting into making animals noises. We are seeing evidence of comprehension as well as differentiation, because she’s making slightly different sounds now for some of the different animals.

When I ask her, “What does a dog say?” she’ll make the noise “fffffff.” Close enough to the “woof” that we feed her.

When I ask, “What does a cat say?” she used to say “fff” but now says something along the lines of “ow”, she I think she’s recognized our “meow” and associates it with cat.

Finally, the turkey. I’ve been training her on “gobble gobble gobble” with the goal of something really different from woof or meow. When asked, “What does the turkey say,” she’ll stick her tongue out and say “blah blah blah blah,” which I think is pretty darn excellent.

Now then, she’s still quite confused about body parts…ask her where her mouth, feet, belly, or hands are and she’ll always point at her nose or mouth, depending on where the fingers end up when she swings her arm up. So I think she’s just responding to the query “Where is your…” and not yet distinguishing among the body parts.

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