The Ruark Kids

Happy Halloween


Crazy weekend, at least for us. If this is what it means to “overschedule” your children then I’m not looking forward to it. And I bet plenty of kids had more on their agendas than ours this weekend. Saturday included trips to the grocery store (for Thalia) and Target (for Siena), followed by lunch and then a nap (for Thalia) and the town’s Halloween parade and party (Siena). Siena marched in her princess outfit, went through a haunted house at the local elementary school (where I told her she would spend around 7 years if we stayed in town, which she eventually transformed to “I went to a haunted house at a building where I’ll be for seven weeks”), and had some treats. Saturday dinner was pizza, then to bed. Today we visited friends Zoya and Reva for a Halloween spooky hay ride at Wilson Farms in Lexington (it was spoooooky), we had lunch and play time with them, and caramel apples after we got home. Siena helped rake leaves and then jumped about in the piles of leaves we made. Then it was off trick-or-treating with the other kids on our street, which Siena and I did, while Mama and Thalia stayed home to make dinner and hand out candy. It doesn’t really sound like that much, now, but we all were pretty tired.

Here are Siena’s and Thalia’s costumes for the year, courtesy of Gigi:


And here is Siena and the leaves:

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