The Ruark Kids

Turns of phrase


Some things Siena has said recently:

  • “…then everyone in the house will be dressed. Everyone, that is, except for me.” (“everyone, that is, except for” is from one of her books)
  • In response to my saying we don’t need another 5 babies in the house that she is pretending are new additions to the family: “Just deal” (I guess I or Mama says this to her more often than we realize)
  • “Ok. Here’s the deal.”
  • “You take care of Mama. She’ll take care of you. I’ll take care of Thalia. Thalia will take care of me.”
  • “I was only pretending” (strong emphasis on “pretending”), said when she claims something to be true and is then told that she’s wrong.
  • “Goodnight I love you don’t let the bed bugs bite” (what she wants me to say to her when I come in to say goodnight).
  • “ethiopiachad” (she’s compounded Ethiopia and Chad from the Map of the World shower curtain in her bathroom and says it very fast)
  • “I’m pretending I’m 12” (this is her current pretend age for most of her pretend activities; often followed by one of her baby dolls being “zero” or “just out of my tummy today.”

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