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The Clever Girl


Siena has said a couple of insightful things in the past week.

While getting ready to get out of the car to go to school on a particularly chilly morning, she begged me to hurry up getting her out, saying,

Hurry up daddy, the cold is taking my warm out.

Tonight, during dinner, she made a related comment. I served our popular Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken with rice, both of which were a little too hot. Siena tried the rice, still visibly steaming, and nearly burnt her mouth. I told her to blow on it and wait a minute for it to cool, which she did. After a few more minutes, when the top layer of rice had cooled, she dug some rice out from the bottom of her rice pile and tried to eat that, nearly burning her mouth again. She was mildly surprised that rice was hot. I explained, for all I know not entirely correctly, that the rice on the bottom had been covered by other rice, and hence had not been out in the open, where the air would cool it down. She thought for a moment and responded:

On the moon the rice would never cool down.

Which made me think, “What … who … how?” And while her statement is less correct than mine, at least, it does show an impressive connecting of logical dots and facts that she has accumulated from who knows where. Mama must have told her about the lack of air on the moon when they were watching Apollo videos on Youtube a few months back.

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