The Ruark Kids

Thalia 18-Months


Thalia checked in fine at her 18-month appointment yesterday. Remarkably, she is almost exactly at the same measurements as Siena when Siena had her 18-month check up (posted about here).

  • Height: 34 1/2″ (compared to Siena’s 34 1/4″)
  • Weight: 25 3/4 lb (same as Siena!)
  • Head: 48 cm

So while we still refer to Thalia as “chunk” and “pork chop,” I guess it must be said that she is even taller and lankier than Siena was! Amazing.

P.S. When Mama asked me to call up the posts from Siena’s 18 month range, I was going to click on June 2008 until she correct me at March 2008. The arithmetic skills go early in me, I see.

And here is a recent picture of said chop:

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