The Ruark Kids

It’s only a snowflake. It’ll melt.


(Title taken from the wonderfully illustrated book “Snow,” uttered by adults who don’t think a snowflake or two will turn into a white-out.)

Note, I published an entry Mama wrote back on Jan. 21 but I didn’t realize wasn’t published yet, so you can read it here.

Today was a balmy 39 degrees, so we got outside with Siena in the afternoon while Thalia napped. Sadly both girls are sick; Siena only a little now, but Thalia registered a 103 fever and was generally sluggish this evening.

I took some videos of our activities outside. First up, Siena enjoyed sledding down the “mountain” that the plows have made in our yard in order to keep our driveway clear. This hill is taller than us; we think it’s around 8 feet or so. Siena is able to get half-way across the yard from the top of this, though she has a rather more abrupt and ungraceful end in the one run I filmed:

Barley joined us in the front yard, and found it tough going. Siena preferred to be the star of the film.

Finally, a longer one that pans around our driveway to show the snow cover, and of course, Siena wanting to have herself videotaped.

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